Regional Qld permanently switched off as NSW switchover begins

December 6 marked the permanent switch off of analog signals across the regional Queensland switchover region.

The Regional Queensland switchover means more than one million households are now converted to digital TV nationally. This marks a significant milestone in Australia’s transition to an era of digital only television.

“Regional Queensland is the fourth and largest region to switch to digital only TV,” Senator Conroy said.

Residents in regional Queensland who have switched to digital TV will have more choice - with 16 TV Channels now available - including ABC1, ABC2, ABC3, ABC24, SBS1, SBS2, SBSHD, ONE, Eleven, Go!, Gem, 7Two, 7mate, WIN, Channel Seven and Southern Cross Ten. Digital TV also provides improved picture and sound quality.

The switch to digital only TV in parts of regional Queensland means that many towns will finally have the same number of channels as is available in city centres.

As regional Qld switchover ends, it’s just the beginning for Southern and Central NSW. The switchover period commenced December 5, ahead of the analog switch off June 5 2012.

Visit www.digitalready.gov.au for more information.