Product Spotlight - It’s good to be green

As energy costs continue to rise, consumers are becoming more and more interested in energy monitoring and energy management.

In this month's Product Spotlight, we take a closer look at the Thor Technologies Green Board.

The Green Board offers the best filter and surge protection while saving money at the same time.

The Green Board is designed to save power to devices that are in standby but still consuming power. The unique remote switch allows 4 outlets on the remote bank to be completely turned off.

The other 4 outlets remain on for devices like pay TV decoders or any recording devices that need to be on permanently so as to perform time related tasks like recording.

As an added bonus the remote button has a clever USB charging circuit built into the switch cover. The circuit will allow a single power hungry iPhone to charge or two other devices like an MP3 player, camera or phone charger.

Thor Technologies designs, engineers and manufactures a premium range of surge and filtration products. There's a product to suit every application.

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